Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye perform “When Love Arrives”

Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye are just amazing. They’re not related – or dating – but they have been performing together since they were freshmen at Brown. They also run Project Voice, which has educated and inspired school children in thirty countries. They have been performing this poem for at least six years, but I … More Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye perform “When Love Arrives”

The Pond

A summer sun stretches the pond’s shoreas clover repairs its ring-around pathand thousands of fireflies celebrate the Fourth. Many want accessbut poison ivy and vines crowd the banks.I must prune. A fall breeze wanders lengthening nights as pond-side trees go blaze to brown to bareand sandhill cranes honk in a graying sky. The water’s unclearwhile tiny … More The Pond


I walk into the woods alone.She says her chair doesn’t know her.He asks when teaching will get easier.They dare you to be your own self. Deer track, hummingbird, random raccoon,Ultralight, paddle board, flock of ducks,Dune grass, driftwood, alpine meadow. She, he, they — ideation, activator, includer —Black, brown, white — red, blue, green. Sustained dialogue, … More Challenge

Walking prayer

(for Nancy) As I step onto the dormant country road, The neighbor’s manicured lawn mocks my to-do list. Graying skies and recently bared elms frame my stroll And I savor cleansing breaths of fresh autumn air. A few tiny birds and black squirrels are the only fauna.Traces of trees that toppled in a recent wind … More Walking prayer