I pause to look for You.
My mind is seduced by images,
infuriated by text, and hypnotized by movement.
Help me to shut out those distractions as I close my eyes.
For a few moments, let me become blind
to everything but Your Light at my core.

I pause to feel for You.
Help me to become still and know.
Ease my tense muscles, calm my strained nerves,
and dampen my keyed-up emotions.
Let my body relax and my heartbeat slow,
so that I may sense Your Spirit moving inside of me.

I pause to listen for You.
Life is noisy. My ears are weary
from the cacophony that constantly assails them.
Shut out all other speech and give me the grace to hear.
Let the sounds of the world die away
and leave only the music of Your Voice.

Chris Clark, May 2021

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