Mixing frantic exhilaration and exhausted sadness
Each one arrives, the restless beginning of a melody.
Different instruments are timidly sampled.
Daring rhythms shift delightfully left and right.

One undecided sound attempts to influence others.
But an emergent tune steadily gathers itself.
Meanwhile, wizened composers have their say and
Classic masterpieces validate their brilliance.

After a foreign sojourn tenderly bends the sound,
An unambiguous form at last takes shape.
Its colorful depths are explored with enthusiasm.
Challenges are met and the arrangement matures.

Now a solo performance looms with uncertain results.
A glorious composition cycle is climaxing too soon,
Painstakingly polished, the piece must move on,
Mixing wistful sadness and anxious exhilaration.

Chris Clark

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