I am from big feet and strong voices,
from Lincoln Logs and a basement darkroom.

I am from seven people in four small bedrooms,
from cold milk waiting in bottles by a suburban back door
and engineers waving from trains that run through the back yard.

I am from forty-foot maple trees 
with branches that hold adventure.

I am from swimming in a clear lake and baseball on a quiet street,
from a steel-framed bike with foot brakes
and a pink station wagon with no seat belts,
from English muffin pizzas and powdered skim milk.

I am from Minnie Struller and Nicolás Julia,
from a shipwreck off the English coast, 
from a wagon returning from Gettysburg
and a VW Beetle returning from a camping trip.

I am from Sunday mornings in church
and Sunday nights signing around the piano.

I am from big hearts and strong families.

— Chris Clark

[listen to a reading here]

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