An acorn fell on me
Disturbing my preoccupations
As I rushed off to Atlanta

I don’t think it was deliberate, like in the comic strip
Nor did it hurt or startle me much
Just distracting enough for inspiration

The acorn seemed to split as it landed on my arm
Absently, I saw the pieces hit the ground
Making me somehow sad

I couldn’t figure where it came from
Then looked back and forty feet up
The highest branches were the probable source

The episode reminded me I hadn’t written in a while
Busy with engaging projects at work
Dealing with little crises at home

I began to think of the responsible squirrel
I don’t really like them, the chubby, hairy rats,
But they work hard to get ready for winter

I guess they are also part of the big picture
A dropped acorn would have once helped
Spread the primeval forest or regrow it after a fire

All that from a little nut that barely touched me
After pulling a trash can around to the side of the house
A mundane, inspiring bit of serendipity

by  Chris Clark

April 2014

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