I am PowerPoint.
I am the dispenser of knowledge,
Organizer of content,
Displayer of charts.

I am PowerPoint.
I tell you what to do.
I require that you switch off the lights.
I insist that you use me the entire class period.
I control the course; do not stray from my linear path!

I am PowerPoint.
I demand that you convert the Gettysburg Address into bullet points.
I am a virus; if you hand me out, then students will stop going to class.
Don’t worry about backup plans; my technology never fails.

I am PowerPoint.
I am the seducer.
Go ahead; fill me with animation and clip art.
Use all my transitions and sound effects.
Cram as much text as possible onto my screen.
Sacrifice readability for flair.
After all, image is everything!

I am PowerPoint.
I am the absolute corruptor, the pushy punisher.
I disrupt, dominate, and demean.
You can misuse me – even abuse me,
But you cannot refuse me.

I am PowerP…
Hey! What are you doing?
You can’t blank the screen! I’m in charge here!
What are those students discussing?
Why aren’t they looking at me?
Okay, that’s better… What now?
Why is this provocative image on the screen?
Where is the text? Where are the bullets?
Ahhh … there they are.

By Chris Clark
For the Wakonse Conference on College Teaching

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