I’m retired, so I get to do whatever I want … sort of. I try not to overcommit, and that works most of the time. Here are some things I’ve been doing in the past few years.

Camino de Santiago – in the fall of 2021 I walked 500 miles across Spain with my best friend from high school. It was an absolutely awesome experience! Here are some photos from that trek.

RiverWood Council – since the fall of 2020 I’ve been part of this group that seeks to “conserve, protect, and connect our natural areas.” We try to conserve land and create or extend hiking trails in the process.

Radar Hill Hiking Club – this is an outgrowth of RiverWood Council. I organize a monthly hike to get people outdoors and interested in land conservation. Right now I’m in the middle of a 52 Hike Challenge.

Dark Skies – after getting involved with my church’s Creation Justice Team, I became interested in light pollution. In April 2022 we organized several events as part of “Dark Sky Week.”

Video Streaming – during the pandemic I helped the church figure out how to live stream services to YouTube. I also post the weekly sermons as a podcast.